Winning RFP response management for your enterprise

Bring your team, it’s expertise, research and resources together to create winning responses that help you develop new business.

Works the way you want

Configurable RFP software that matches typical enterprise workflows for proposal creation.

Generate proposals rapidly

Use pre-approved, compliant content to produce proposals faster and to deadlines.

Centralize proposal management

Centralize RFP response management with everything in one location.

More appropriate use of resources

Target the opportunities that matter with the resources that are available.

Qualify and automate

Standardize how you qualify opportunities and automate response production.

It’s easy to get started!

All the support you need to deploy, get going and implement response processes in your enterprise.

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Proposal Management using Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams - the new way to work

Many organizations have adopted SharePoint and want to expand its capability. However, few can justify the cost, complexity and time that’s required to build custom solutions.

InnovaRFP leverages Microsoft 365/SharePoint/Teams/Power BI for proposal response, adding value to the familiar functionality of collaboration, document management, business intelligence, and process/project management.

InnovaRFP software won’t create adoption issues for your people. It dovetails in and works in harmony alongside your processes and the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications.

Proposal Management using Microsoft 365

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InnovaRFP fixes these problems

No systematic approach to the RFP response process?

Scalable framework with collaboration and review tools for better visibility and management.

A lack of consistency when qualifying opportunities?

Make qualified go/no-go decisions - make sure you respond to the right RFPs.

Stakeholders not accountable in the response processes?

Enable your team to prioritize to ensure dependencies are not impacted and avoid delays.

Problems bringing your team together to collaborate?

Coordinate your busy, mobile stakeholder team to produce proposals to deadlines.

Poor quality proposals preventing new business wins?

Deliver focused responses with accurate and consistent content, pricing, grammar, format and spelling.

Time issues the root cause of missed opportunities?

Better manage bandwidth to produce more timely and higher quality responses.

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Key Features


Agile implementation

  • Configured using SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Defines team, task, document templates and collaboration topics
  • Process configuration management by business owner without IT involvement


  • All work for a single response is performed on a SharePoint site
  • Content, automated team assignments, tasks, document templates, and collaboration topics

Structured/auditable collaboration and decision making

  • Clear go/no-go decisions with options for scoring/voting
  • Structured collaboration for content negotiation during draft and review

Rapid document construction out of pre-approved content

  • Standard content is managed by appropriate content owners
  • Pre-approved content inserted into proposals for rapid document construction
  • Reduce review time by managing content approvals separately from the proposals



  • Configurable and form-factor aware
  • Management add-ins let you specify columns
  • Specify conditions, ordering, and presentation


  • Action and timer email alerts
  • Alert using content from any project
  • Email the team or target specific roles or people

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